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Photo of Jankel Adler (1895-1949)       Photo of Jankel Adler (1895-1949)
Photo of Jankel Adler (1895-1949) on payphone
Reinickendorfer Straße - Berlin, 2007:10:25 16:02:56






Spherical Coordinates of Jankel Adler (1895-1949) on Payphone

Jankel Adler (1895-1949), 2002, oil on canvas, 32×41 cm

- Cylinder and spherical coordinates.
- Introducing spherical coordinates.
- The acceleration in spherical coordinates.
- The gravitational field of a spherically symmetric mass.
- Spherical coordinates and cylinder coordinates.
- Volume integration in spherical coordinates.
- Reaction and transmission by a stack of layers.
- Cylinder coordinates.
- The divergence in cylinder coordinates.
- Is life possible in a 5-dimensional world.
- The first source of vorticity rigid rotation.
- The second source of vorticity shear.
- The magnetic field induced by a straight current.
- A representation theorem for acoustic waves.
- Statement of Stokes law.
- Stokes theorem from the theorem of Gauss.
- The magnetic field of a current in a straight wire.
- Viscosity and the Navier Stokes equation.
- The adjective terms in the equation of motion.
- Is there convection in the Earths mantle.
- Making an equation dimensionless.
- Projections and the completeness relation.
- A projection on vectors that are not orthogonal.
- The Green's function as impulse response.
- The Green's function for a general problem.
- Radiogenic heating and the earths temperature.
- Nonlinear systems and Greens functions.
- Dipoles, quadrupoles and general relativity.
- The quadrupole field of the Earth.
- Computing a function of a matrix.
- The normal modes of a vibrating system.
- Normal modes and orthogonality relations.
- Bessel functions are decaying cosines.
- Legendre functions are decaying cosines.
- Normal modes and the Green's function.
- Guided waves in a low velocity channel.
- The Green's function of the gravitational potential.
- Upward continuation in a flat geometry.
- Application to some integrals.
- Linear filters and linear algebra.
- The theorem of Cauchy Riemann.
- Fluid flow and analytic functions.
- The real Fourier series on a infinite interval.
- The complex Fourier series on an infinite interval.
- The Fourier transform on an infinite interval.
- The Fourier transform and the delta function.
- Changing the sign and scale factor.
- The convolution and correlation of two signals.
- Linear filters and the convolution theorem.
- The deriverberation filter.


Spherical Coordinates of Jankel Adler (1895-1949) on Payphone