• paintings gallery 53 (2023)
Marcel Duchamp at the Age of 85

• paintings gallery 52 (2023)
A Little Game Between I and me

• paintings gallery 51 (2023)
Photography as a Time Machine

• paintings gallery 50 (2023)
I Was Waiting for Marcel (Frederick Kiesler)

• paintings gallery 49 (2022)
Black Dahlia as Étant donnés?

• paintings gallery 48 (2022)
Robert Gober, Marcel Dzama and Étant donnés (Given)

• paintings gallery 47 (2021)
Ray Johnson and Cynthia Mannequin (Étant donnés)

• paintings gallery 46 (2020)
William Copley and Marcel Duchamp

• paintings gallery 45 (2020)
Denise Browne Hare and Marcel Duchamp

• paintings gallery 44 (2020)
Moratorium on Photography and Memorandum of Agreement

• paintings gallery 43 (2020)
The Bricks from Cadaqués

• paintings gallery 42 (2020)
Kienholz’s complaints to Duchamp

• paintings gallery 41 (2019)
Landscape Backdrop of Étant donnés

• paintings gallery 40 (2019)
Basswood Lake and Étant donnés

• paintings gallery 39 (2019)
Final Landscape Backdrop of Étant donnés

• paintings gallery 38 (2019)
The Sistine Madonna and Étant donnés

• paintings gallery 37 (2019)
Étant donnés as Retinal Painting

• paintings gallery 36 (2018)

• paintings gallery 35 (2018)
Étant donnés - MARIA MARTINS

• paintings gallery 34 (2018)

• paintings gallery 33 (2018)

• paintings gallery 32 (2017)
Marcel Duchamp's Letters to Maria Martins

• paintings gallery 31 (2017)
Maria Martins: The Open Secret of Étant donnés

• paintings gallery 30 (2017)
Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews

• paintings gallery 29 (2017)
Letters from Marcel Duchamp to Suzanne Duchamp and Jean Crotti

• paintings gallery 28 (2017)
Marcel Duchamp in Buenos Aires

• paintings gallery 27 (2016)
Marcel Duchamp and Alfred Jarry

• paintings gallery 26 (2016)
Alfred Jarry in Marcel Duchamp

• paintings gallery 25 (2016)
Dialogue with Marcel Duchamp

• paintings gallery 24 (2016)
Interview with Marcel Duchamp

• paintings gallery 23 (2015)
The Beginning of Duchamp’s Occult Art

• paintings gallery 22 (2015)
The Beginning of Duchamp’s Alchemical Art

• paintings gallery 21 (2015)
The Beginning of Duchamp’s Mystic Art

• paintings gallery 20 (2015)
The Beginning of Duchamp’s Spiritual Art

• paintings gallery 19 c B (2013)
Stereoscopic Image and Perspective Construction

• paintings gallery 18 b B (2013)
Technique of Avant-garde and Metaphysical Logic

• paintings gallery 17 a B (2013)
Unfinished Metaphysical Readymade

• paintings gallery 16 5 B (2012)
Marcel Duchamp as Rectified Readymade

Surrealism and Space in the Installation Design
Surrealist Installation as a Labyrinth
Marcel Duchamp and Lydie Sarazin-Levassor
Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor and Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp and Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor
Marcel Duchamp's Fountain
Marcel Duchamp, Richard Mutt and Fountain
Aesthetic Indifference of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain
L.H.O.O.Q. (Mona-Lisa-with-a-mustache)
Tzanck Check Investing in Mutt
Surface of Things
Duchamp Game of Large Glass
Twisted Pair: Marcel Duchamp - Andy Warhol
Readymades and Maintenance Labor of Marcel Duchamp
Rrose Selavy is Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp as a Contemporary Praxis


• paintings gallery 15 4 B (2012)
Three Standard Stoppages

Fourth Dimension
Mirror for Perspective
Dedekind Cut
Handler of Gravity
Aesthetic Experience
Concept of Aesthetic Experience
Intellectual Beauty of Duchamp’s Chess
Marcel Duchamp - Ekphrastics and Forensics: Hermeneutics
Marcel Duchamp: Research as Practice
Perceptual Aesthetic Properties
Alchemical Thought of Marcel Duchamp
Alchemical Tradition of Marcel Duchamp
Duchamp Introduced the Hypermedia
Virtual Museum from Frederick Kiesler to Marcel Duchamp
New Measure of Marcel Duchamp and William Carlos Williams
Interview with Marcel Duchamp (George Heard Hamilton)


• paintings gallery 14 3 B (2012)
Olga Rudge and Ezra Pound - The Last Ten Years

Especially Feminine Gender Issues of Ezra Pound
Masculine and the Feminine of Ezra Pound
Masculine Penetrating - Ezra Pound
Making Modernism New
Queer Mythology
Grotesque Image: Gods and Monsters
Grotesque Realism: Gods and Monsters
Ezra Pound and Olga Rudge - The Last Ten Years
Ezra Pound: The Pisan Cantos
Mary de Rachewiltz - Discretions
Ezra Pound and his Italian Critics
Ezra Pound as a Confucian Poet
Olga Rudge and Ezra Pound in Paris
Ezra Pound: Modernist Translation as Performance Text
Ezra Pound and Hilda Doolittle, Dorothy Shakespear, Olga Rudge, …
Ezra Pound and Vortex Theory


• paintings gallery 13 2 B (2012)
The Political Origins of Modernism

Origins of Modernism
A fifteenth-century French manuscript
A fifteenth-century French manuscript and a painting by Robert Campin
A fifteenth-century French manuscript and an unknown painting by Robert Campin
Contemporary Art and Contemporaneity
Art and Contemporaneity
The Winking Owl: Visual Effect
The Winking Owl - Its Art Historical Thick Description
The Winking Owl: Visual Effect and Its Art Historical Thick Description
A Geography of Dispersion: Central Europe and the Symbolic Spaces of the Avant-Garde
Idea of Creation: Creation from Point Zero
Fra Angelico between Dominican Traditions and Medieval Traditions
Connection Between Imitation and its Discontents
Epistemological Transcendence and Cognitive Failure of Sublime Experience
The Platonic Mimesis and the Chinese Moxie
Feminine Beautification and Feminist Aesthetics


• paintings gallery 12 1 B (2012)
Licht und Visuellen Wahrnehmung in der Bildkunst

Konventionen der Architekturzeichnung
Architekturzeichnung - Perspektivische Ansicht
Architekturzeichnung - Angleichung an Michelangelo
Methode der orthogonalen Projektion - Aarchitekturzeichnung
Kunstanschauung - Freundschaftsbundes
Personifikation der Freundschaft und der Kunstanschauung
Freundschaftsbildes und der Kunstanschauung
Zerebralen, Sensorischen und Korporalen Licht in der Bildkunst
Optischen Experimentalismus in der Bildkunst
Eine Madonnenstatue im Staedtischen Museum zu Braunschweig
Eine Madonnenstatue - Monumentale Ausgestaltung
Zeitgenössische Malerei auf textilem - Technologischer Vergleich
Dynamische Wirkung zu Darstellungsmittel von Malerei
Kraftlinien als Dynamische Komposition in Verschiedene Bewegungsphasen
Konstruktion der Dynamischen Vierdimensionalen Bewegungsdarstellung in der Malerei


• paintings gallery 11 11 A (2011)
World Oil Market and Oil Policy

Ana Rock: Economic Implications of Fuel Economy Improvements
Catherine Itzin: Decommissioning Costs of Trade Equilibrium
Eva Szabo: The Effect of English Investment
Gustav Wolf: Sustainable Management and Ecology
Jan Sivak: Argument Structure of Integrated Assessment Model
Madalena Barbosa: Characteristics of Vegetation and Ecological Diversity - Biodiversity
Margherita Bacigalupo: Technological Quality of Fermented Sausages
Maria Nemeth: Embedding Information in Regional Inequality
Mathilde Weber: Demand for Electricity Pricing
Mor Jokai: Energy Efficiency Investments and Energy Efficiency Programs
Muriel Duckworth: American Natural Gas Market
Salvatore Castellano: Competitive Power Market and Dynamic Insurance
Shusaku Arakawa: European Constitutional Treaty
Susan Rotolo: Climate Policies and Political Discourse Analysis
Sven Ljungberg: The Cost of Power
Umberto Orazi: Upstream Petroleum Taxation


• paintings gallery 10 10 A (2010-2011)
Developmental Perspectives of Social Management

Anna Linke: Representations of Masculinity
Arnold Böcklin: Phenomenal Consciousness of Moral Conflicts and Creative Intuition
Gabriel Laderman: Resolution of Uncertainty, Problems and Opportunities
Helen Escobedo: Utilitarianism and Punishment - Appliance Efficiency
Ivan Markovic: Contrastive Study for a New Approach
Johann Mallovic: Critical Teaching Thesis in Education
Juliane Grimm: Ethics of Pollution and Poverty
Kristina Golob: Alternative Analysis of Poverty
Louise Josephine Bourgeois: Theoretical Views or Towards a Theory of Consciousness
Maria Luisa Mangini: Early Modern European Witchcraft and Female Aggression
Martin Guggenheim: Feminist Pedagogy and Political Representation of Women
Mary Daly: Literature Data versus Anthropological Writing
Maryam Firouz: Human Aggression and Gender Violence
Max Huss: Responsible Time After the Future
Petar Vukelic: Evolution of Body and Revolution of Mind
Rainer Wittig: Natural Evidence for Direct Case Condition


• paintings gallery 9 9 A ( 2010)
Die Kunst zu Leben: Kritische Theorie und Kunst kommunikation

Sonia Horn: Bildungstheorie als Bildungsprozesse
Paula Wessely: Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung und Sozialgeschichte
Nassos Daphnis: Forschungsperspektiven als Lebensperspektiven
Alice Donat: Neue Mensch und Ethik
Otto Linke: Neu denken - Neu leben
Luka Tomasevic: Akkulturationsprozesse zu Ende des Jahrhunderts
Karoly Szabo: Bedeutungsentwicklungen in Geschlechterstudien
Asim Butt: Psychotherapeutischer Zeit als Pflegezeit
Sigmar Polke: Tradition zwischen der Postmoderne und der Moderne
Josip Butkovic: Literatursprache als Literarischen Literaturtheorie
Hermann Schultze: Die Farben-Harmonie oder Harmonie der Farben
Fritz Hoffmann: Ein kulturhistorischer Angemessenheitskriterien
Anna Negro: Musiklebens der Musiksoziologie
Dennis Oppenheim: Anfang der Welt als Formen der Kunst
Val Plumwood: Probleme der Kulturelle Integration
Emma Lang: Historische Anthropologie zur Philosophischen Psychoanalyse


• paintings gallery 8 8 A (Queens of the Night, 2008-2009)
Queens of the Night

de los viejos - Mathilde Markus
Alberto Lattuada - Eduard Samson (1881-1909)
Why Art Matters as Pavle Golob?
Jacques Lacan and Oskar Braun
New Contemporary Art - Seligmann Rosenthal
Bio art - Traute Egger
Journey to the East - Maria Fonda
Schlechte Luft - Barbara Kreißler (1913-2000)
Patrice Mersault - Constantin Damianos (1869-1955)
The Lords of Creation - Leandro Camus (1841-1925)
O Senhor das Moscas - Lord of the Flies - Elise Sander (1830-1908)
Mattia Pascal - Federico Lelli (1890-1959)
Landscape Theory - Marija Dusan
Langhaariger - der Großverdiener - Florica Moldovan (1941-2000) a
Frederic Henry and Walter Sonnenschein
Cimitero Monumentale - Giovanni Veronese (1855-1931)


• paintings gallery 7 7 A (Queens of the Night, 2008-2009)
Symbol Meaning - Symbols Meaning - Earth Art - Environmental Art

Art map is added by Kata Kalcic (1908-1945)
Heat Flow Around Series Solution of Telegraph Equation by Feliks Miklin
Art Mapping added by Jelena Kirchbaum
Fractional Diffusion and Fractional Calculus of Teresa Tramontina
Geschichte des Bildungswesens - Sara Dobriner
Performance Art of Ernst Knöpfelmacher (1903-1979)
Argumentierende und Argumentation Rhetoric - Chiarastella Cartolari
Functional Model of Jacobi Matrices - Ada Picecco
Destruction Art and Etelka Bökenyi (1899-1980)
Drawing art added by Vinicio Ranieri
Protein Motion to Electron Transfer by Brana Promyschljanskaja
Art Web added by Caecilie von Stülpnagel
Street art of Rosalia Terasona
Art Definition of - added by Christine Slapar
Konstruktion des Fremden - Terezija Gospod
Point Spectrum and Dirac Operators by Anna Gawalowski


• paintings gallery 6 6 A (Queens of the Night, 2008-2009)
Mail Art - Queens of the Night

Contemporary Fine Art - Annie Trobach-Schildert (1858-1902)
Integration behinderter Kinder - Wege aus der Isolation - Oscar Appelius
Performativen Bildung von Gemeinschaften und Tommasso Annese
Karoline Hueber and Wang Lung in Chinese Village
Del mundo antiguo - Josefa Ciller
Ripley's Game - Patricia Highsmith and Filomena Flac (1919-2006)
Literarischen Gattung - Milagros Rosengarth
Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen - Emilia Valacco (1911-1946)
Transnational Politics - Rozalija Lilija (1891-1937)
The Sublime - Ljubica Rafajlovic
In Search of Lost Time - Flora Bernardis
Live Art - Leo Suppantschitsch
Kaiser Friedrich der Zweite und Tina Razbojnikov (1926-1972)
Prima della rivoluzione - Caterina Barcelatto (1894-1942)
Lecture presentation - Maddalena Afan de Rivera - Rizzi
Filmzensur in Deutschland - Rozalia Avar (1905-1980)


• paintings gallery 5 5 A (My Friends, 2007)
Mes amis

Antonio Longo (1876-1943)
Critical discourse - Aurel Zigre (1879-1926)
Disempowerment and Dead Hand of Aurelia Inseh (1924-1948)
Women Artists - Berta Gross (1864-1921) and ...
Maleficium - Magical Healing and Cornelia Suta
Emma Haas (1903-2001)
Aminah bint Wahb - Amina bint Wahb - Abd al-Muttalib
Only One Life to Live - Flora Bernardis
Leon Robinson - Ferdinand Bardamu - Florica Moldovan
Women in Art - Ilse Schuster
Contemporary Woman - Julia Jaretz
Collection of Critical Essays of Life and Thought - Maxa Mara
Dello scrittore - Natalia Ranieri
Fluxus Art - Olga Zsurka
April is the cruellest month - Shantih shantih shantih - Persida Ponta
Consuming Passions - Stefano Chiurco (1903-1935)


• paintings gallery 4 4 A (My Friends, 2002-2006)
Le mie amiche

Relationship Between Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze and Wols
Barnett Newman (1905 - 1970)
Allerliebsten Freundinnen - Betti Neuwirth (1848-1911) - Bruellen
Blinky Palermo (1943-1977)
Domenico Gnoli (1933-1970)
Emile Bernard (1868-1941)
Ingeborg Bachmann (1926-1973)
Number 4
Jozef Petkovsek (1861-1898)
Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519)
Artissima - Maria Zivko (1887-1981)
Capitalisme et Schizophrenie - Peter Brüning
Polymer Dynamics and Methods in Theoretical Physics - Peter Herkenrath
Rudolf Schwarzkogler (1940-1969)
Sylvia Leitgeber (1960-1978)
Walter Stoehrer (1937-2000)


• paintings gallery 3 3 A (My Friends, 2002-2006)
Mes amies

Zoroastrianism - Religion in China and Japanese Rituals
Colour and Meaning in Painting Techniques and Studio Practice - Andrea de Chirico
Human Aura - Anna Mary Robertson - Grandma Moses
Primitive Art and Aesthetics in Everyday Vision
Military Discipline of Diane Adelaide de Mailly in the Russian Uniform
Harmonic Potential of Elise Schmidt and Smoluchowski Equation
Ivan Grohar (1867-1911)
Paper Crusher of Jacques Villon - Gaston Duchamp
Abenteurern - Jankel Adler (1895-1949)
Gesetzbuch des Manu und der Antiken Welt - Martina Karbe
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)
The Killing Machine - Oskar Schlemmer (1988-1943)
One of the Seven - Pino Kraljevic (1951-1975)
Number Four - Rosa Wolfsohn (1865-1926)
Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)
The Lonely Ones in Sickroom of The Yellow Boat


• paintings gallery 2 2 A (My Friends, 2002-2006)
Meine Freundinnen

Andy Warhol
Antonin Artaud (1896-1948)
Chaim Soutine - Curie Point of Steady Current
Thinking about thinking - Intuitionism of David Seymour (1911-1956)
Story of Ideas and Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902-1968)
Feminist Art of Hannah Wilke (1940-1993)
Woman Artist - Heliodor Rauter (1900-1980)
Milan Golob - Ohne Moral mit Herzen in Flammen
Contemporary Sculptures and Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948)
Chaotic Systems of Langdon Alvin Coburn (1882-1966)
The original woman - Lettice Knollys (1539-1634)
Leaf Vegetables of Marcel Gromaire (1892-1971)
Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971)
Feminism Art - Marguerite Elisabeth Huguet de Semonville
Martin Kippenberger (1953-1997)
Thomas Mann (1875-1955)


• paintings gallery 1 1 A (My Friends, 2002-2006)
To My Friends with All my Friends

Modern Jew and Medieval Jewish Emancipation - Agnes de Poitou
Anna de Medici was Well Received
Bernard Buffet (1928-1999)
Haar eerste boek: Carlo Mense (1886-1965)
Francesco Vettori - Donata Silvari
Det sjunde inseglet - Emilie Sophie Schloff - Emilie Sophie
Bindung und Trauma - Erzsi Tibolth - Bindungstheorie zur Therapie
Hans Memling (c1435-1494)
Studien und Texte - Ivan Aleksandrovic Goncarov
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love - Joan Beaufort
Joseph Beuys (1921-1986)
Leon Golub (1922-2004)
Unhappy Affair - The Way into the Open - Moise Kisling
Written by a Woman - Nichola Sophia Hamilton and Nichola Hamilton
A Morality Play - William Hastings (1430-1483)
Kublai Khan - Yolande de Brienne - Yolande Brienne


• paintings gallery 0
Before 2002

• list of paintings
Milan Golob - List of Paintings


• titles of paintings not created yet
Milan Golob - Titles of Paintings Not Created Yet


• drawings gallery 5 (The Basic Theory of My Wife, 2010)
Artificial Life and Living

Contemporary Art Market and Corporate Art Collection
Cultural Response to Sociology of Music
Modern Modernism after Postmodernism
The History of Medieval Ideas
Paints and Painting of Complementary Colors
Philosophical Counseling and Science of Photography
Multiculturalism is Globalization on Culture
Architectural Aesthetics and Architectural Sculpture
The Twelfth Century and Early Renaissance
Amphorae as Contemporary Sculpture
Contemporary Attitudes of Changing Images
Musical Perception and Age of Television
Preserving Traditional Medieval Origins
Globalization of Media Phenomenon
Old Communication about Early Modern World
Romantic Experience of Sad Birth


• drawings gallery 4 (The Basic Theory of My Wife, 2010)
Feministische Philosophie oder Politische Philosophie

Der Hexenwahn als Hexenverfolgungen und Hexenprozesse
Diskursgeschichtliche - Politischen Diskussion
Politische Erkenntnistheorie und Theoretische Praxis
Politische Sozialisation als Historische Sozialforschung
Politischen Schriften im Deutsche Biopolitik
Nach mittelalterlichen Urkunden und Mittelalterlicher Mehrstimmigkeit
Verstehende Entwicklungsbegleitung
Erziehungswissenschaft zur Unterrichtswissenschaft
Sichtbarkeit - Unsichtbarkeit
Deutschen moralischen Wochenschriften und Deutschen Arbeitsfront
Ein Gegendarstellungsrecht
Zwischen Freundschaftsbeziehungen
Gesellschaftskritik definition
Familie in der Frauenforschung
Grenzen der Papstamt
Freiheit und Sprachschwierigkeiten bei Kindern


• drawings gallery 3 (Natalija, 2007)
Radikalen Konstruktivismus - Zeitgenössische Zeichnung

Art Criticism
Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics
Knowledge Production
Tactical media
Lorentz transformation of Moving Charge
Immer wieder liest
Problems of Philosophy
Committed Suicide While ...
Characters Live in Pecola Breedlove
Islamic Science and Islamic Philosophy
Kardinal Frings
Gedenkschrift für inhaltliche Interpretation
Very Special Arts - Developing Art
Geeta Kapur
Korteweg-de Vries Field Equations
Rollenspielen - Unterrichtspraktische Kommunikationsstrategien


• drawings gallery 2 (Natalija, 2006)
Dark Hours of Heavenly Empire

Victor Tausk and Natalija
Rational egoism of Future Persons
Contemporary Drawing
Istanbul Biennial
Individual Revolution
Cosmogony and Cosmology
Arte Povera
Contemporary Women - Natalija
Surrogate Mother - Natalija
Avantgardistischer Forschungslandschaft
Young Nietzsche in 19th Century German Literature
Musik und Malerei, Musik und bildende Kunst
Color Mixing System
Composite Systems of Indirect measurement
Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography
Contemporary Arts


• drawings gallery 1 (Natalija, 2005)
Migration Policy and External Economic

Fascism in Europe and Radical Right of Natalija
Devastating Effects Capitalism and International Natalija
Capitalism and Schizophrenia as a Political Factor of Natalija ewqtew6h
Dal verso
The four novels are a Natalija
Documenta - Natalija
Manifesta - Natalija
Eastern Bosnia - Natalija
Consciousness and Intentional Objects - Natalija
Vincent van Gogh - Natalija
Women Artist - Natalija
The Opera Was Natalija
Feminist Art Criticism Kunstforum
Scrittore tedesco
Absolutely Continuous Spectrum and Spectral Theory of Natalija


• installations gallery 6 (2023)
Paintings (of a Female Friend) and Titles of Paintings Yet To Be Created

• installations gallery 5 (2013)
Undefeated Flame and Unfinished Marcel Duchamp

• installations gallery 4 (2013)
The Reunion of Electronic Music and Chess

• installations gallery 3 (The Basic Theory of My Wife, 2010)
Evaluation of Environmental Perception
Middle Schooling: Implications for Learning Students
Favourable Treatment of Schizophrenic Patient
Psychogenic Hyperventilation as a Psychosomatic Event
Physics Potential of a Neutral Kaon


• installations gallery 2 (2009)
Art Movements - Queens of the Night

Liverpool Biennial - Queens of the Night
Integral Equation and Queens of the Night
Gesammelte Aufsätze - Ottawa 1969
Thomas Morus and Queens of the Night
John Tanner and Queens of the Night - Don Juan in Hell at The Royal Court
Guide to Legal Queens of the Night
Tense Logic and Temporal Reasoning of Queens of the Night
Musikwissenschaftliche - Queens of the Night
Includes Useful Queens of the Night and Indexing and Abstracting Services
Engelberger - Raumentwicklung - Queens of the Night
Stage Version of Queens of the Night and Doremus Jessup
Are Presented and Queens of the Night
Molti Critici - Queens of the Night
Heat and Temperature of Queens of the Night
Institutional Critique of the Queens of the Night
Medida por Medida - Queens of the Night


• installations gallery 1 (My Friends (paintings) and Natalija (drawings), 2006)
Collaborative Art - My Friends and Natalija

Social Art - My Friends and Natalija
The Eating of the Gods
Die Orgel und ihre Meister - Zur Diskussion über Orgelbau
Historia universal de la infamia
Zivilisationstheorie - Eine feministische Kritik
Art Movement
Geometric Series - Wronskian Solution
Evangelischen Religionsunterricht und Evangelisches Religionsbuch
Art as Activist of Art and Confrontation within The Arts in an Age of Change
La formation des grands domaines au Mexique
Navajo Woman and Child - My Friends and Natalija
Software Art - My Friends and Natalija
Österreichische Historische Bibliographie
Raumobjekte - Zeit und Freiheit
Zniewolony Umysl
Beiträge zur Internationalen Aufzeichnungen



• projects 1 (Payphones - Berlin, 2007)
Telephone Poles Never Said Anything

Alexandra Exter (1882-1949) on Payphone
That Time has Passed
Photo of Gustav Klutsis (1895-1944) on payphone
Contemporary Sculpture - Ilja Grigorjewitsch Tschaschnik on Payphone
Spherical Coordinates of Jankel Adler (1895-1949) on Payphone
Eva Hesse (1936-1970) on Payphone
Tengoku to Jigoku - Natalija 8k567p61 on payphone
Alberto Grimaldi - Natalija 18hu61l4 on payphone
Nicolas Bataille - Natalija 55dk5lkg on payphone
Schwindelerregend - Natalija 5415f654 on payphone
Hans Castorp - Natalija f21254gd on payphone
Joseph Trotta - Natalija jbvmnlp6 on payphone
Cutting Timber - Natalija zt555dew on payphone
Emil Cioran (1911-1995) on Payphone
Ziemia obiecana - Persida Ponta (1902-1946)


• reviews and texts - english
Golob - reviews


• kritike in teksti - slovensko
Golob - besedila in kritike - izbor


• list of drawings
Natalija - graphite - charcoal - eraser on paper


• list of streets with payphones in Berlin (October 2007)
Milan Golob - Platz - Straße


• bibliographies






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