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 MILAN GOLOB - Description of the drawing: Natalija AD29CA36; 2010; graphite, charcoal, eraser on paper, 15×21 cm - The drawing Natalija AD29CA36 is a part of the cycle The Basic Theory of My Wife. Which I don't understand very well, if at all. Beside graphite, charcoal, rubber, paper its construction element is also mathematical metalanguage, which helps our civilization in miserable description of the surrounding world. The drawing contains different fundamental theories as a kind of texture, but at the same time they are reflection of the European mind and spirit, which strongly influences our everyday life, if we like it or not. (telephones, satellite, atomic bomb, electricity, Higgs boson, Nietzsche, Beuys, …). But this invisible influence allows us, to exploit our substance creatively, in spite of everything. And the same is with Natalija AD29CA36 (and whole cycle), which is familiar with the existential tension, is an urban portrait, also available only throughout experience of European (western) spirit, tradition. The creation of the drawing Natalija AD29CA36 was possible only here, where I am, in the frame of global interlacing of European tradition and its traumas, wars and love. (Milan Golob)
Natalija AD29CA36
2010; graphite, charcoal, eraser on paper, 15×21 cm





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Paints and Painting of Complementary Colors