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Geometric Series - Wronskian Solution
My Friends (paintings) and Natalija (drawings)
2006, gallery equrna, ljubljana, slovenia

my friend





Geometric Series - Wronskian Solution - My Friends (paintings) and Natalija (drawings)

- The First Form of Solution.

- The Wronskian Solution.

- The Intermediate Solutions.

- Direct Verification of the Wronskian Solution.

- Physically Significant Solutions.

- The Non - Wronskian Solution.

- The Derivatives of a Wronskian.

- Four-Way Wronskians.

- The Generalized Geometric Series and Eulerian Polynomials.

- A Further Generalization of the Geometric Series.

- Solutions of a Pair of Coupled Equations.

- The Euler and Modified Euler Theorems on Homogeneous Functions.

- The Cofactors of a Zero Determinant Theory.

- Second and Higher Cofactors in Terms of Ultra Cofactors.

- Determinants Containing Blocks of Zero Elements.

- Double-Sum Relations for Scaled Cofactors.

- An Identity Involving a Hybrid Determinant.

- The Jacobi Identity and Variants.

- A Determinant with Double Borders.

- A Determinant Related to a Vandermondian.

- The Generalized Hyperbolic Functions.

- Centrosymmetric Determinants.

- Definition and Factorization.

- Symmetric Toeplitz Determinants.

- Skew-Centrosymmetric Determinants.

- Hankelians Whose Elements are Differences.

- The Derivatives of Hankelians with Appell Elements.

- The Derivatives of Turanians with Appell and Other Elements.

- Determinants with Simple Derivatives of All Orders.

- The Generalized Hilbert Determinant.

- Three Formulas of the Rodrigues Type.

- Some Determinants with Determinantal Factors.

- Some Determinants with Binomial and Factorial Elements.

- A Nonlinear Differential Equation.

- Two Matrix Identities and Their Corollaries.

- The Factors of a Particular Symmetric Toeplitz Determinant.

- Determinants Which Represent Particular Polynomials.

- Definition and Recurrence Relation.

- The Generalized Cusick Identities.

- Proof of the Principal Theorem.

- The Cofactors of the Matsuno Determinant.

- Determinants Associated with a Continued Fraction.

- Continuants and the Recurrence Relation.

- Distinct Matrices with Nondistinct Determinants.

- Determinants with Binomial Elements.

- Determinants with Stirling Elements.

- The One-Variable Hirota Operator.

- Some Applications of Algebraic Computing.

- Hankel Determinants with Hessenberg Elements.

- Hankel Determinants with Hankel Elements.

- Hankel Determinants with Symmetric Toeplitz Elements.

- Hessenberg Determinants with Prime Elements.

- Bordered YamazakiHori Determinants.

- Determinantal Identities Related to Matrix Identities.

- The MatsukidairaSatsuma Equations.

- The Kortewegde Vries Equation.

- The KadomtsevPetviashvili Equation.

- The BenjaminOno Equation.

- The Einstein and Ernst Equations.

- The Relativistic Toda Equation.

- The MatsukidairaSatsuma Equations.

- A System With One Continuous and One Discrete Variable.

- A System With Two Continuous and Two Discrete Variables.

- The Kortewegde Vries Equation.


Geometric Series - Wronskian Solution - My Friends (paintings) and Natalija (drawings)